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Tibetan Buddhist monks Create Mandalas Using Millions of Grains of Sand-The Mystical Arts

Imagine the amount of patience that’s required to create such highly detailed art such as this! To promote healing and world peace, a group of Tibetan Buddhist monks, from the Drepung Loseling Monastery in India, travel the world creating incredible mandalas using millions of grains of sand. For days or even weeks, the monks spend up to eight hours a day working on one mandala sand painting, pouring multicolored grains of sand onto a shared platform until it becomes a spectacular piece of art.



[K the 4koma] 31. Dumplings over Flowers

Kuroh: Isn’t there a lovely scenery?! Why can’t you enjoy it!
Neko: Cherry blossoms aren’t delicious at all! Dumplings are good!

Neko: Cherry blossoms should all change to dumplings!!
Kuroh: What did you say? I would much rather all dumplings change into cherry blossoms!!

Kuroh: Shiro, which would you rather!?
Neko: Shiro, which do you want!?

Shiro: Right now, I think the three of us flower gazing together is the best.
Kuroh: T-that’s not what I need to hear!!

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