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If this part of LSW is adapted into anime/manga, I don’t mind eating vegetables a week (though I really hate vegetables (´;ω;`))

*Fushimi playing jigsaw puzzle with Munakata*

"What…..are you doing?"
Fushimi ended up asking Munakata without thinking.
"I said the complete illustration was thrown away but this was a lie. Actually the complete illustration is reflected on the tatami mat. Can you see it?"
"Eh?" - Fushimi lowered his head. He pushed up his glasses and looked at the tatami mat carefully, then heard the light laughter above his head.
"I’m sorry. Didn’t expect that you actually did it"
"……!?" Fushimi’s face turned red and his head felt hot inside "……I’ll kill you"

サルくんちょろい、ちょろすぎ\(´;ω;`)/ *かわえええええ*
If you read the second time Fushimi met Munakata, you’ll find he was so easy to tease \(´;ω;`)/ (or maybe because it was Munakata who did it)

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